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We Stand Unbroken quest guide Destiny 2 – Season 20 Week 4

A change of pace

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It’s already week four of Destiny 2: Lightfall and with it comes another week in the Season of Defiance quest We Stand Unbroken. This week’s quest kicks off with a visit to the Helm to receive a message from Amanda Holliday. She tells us that she is thoroughly enjoying her work with the Queensguard and is proud to work with the likes of the Crow, Mithrax, and Devrim Kay. After listening to this message, we are instructed to head to the Farm on the EDZ to receive an important transmission from Devrim Kay.

Upon arrival, Devrim informs us that Amanda Holliday and Mithrax have run into some difficulties whilst trying to rescue some prisoners from another Shadow Legion prison. He says that we should go and provide backup immediately, as it’s not like Holliday and Mithrax to run into problems as they are usually more than capable of dispatching the enemy forces.

Investigate the tunnel

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Arriving on the EDZ there are Shadow Legion forces to defeat before heading into a tunnel. Unfortunately, you can’t summon a Sparrow here so you’ll just have to run as fast as your Guardian’s legs will carry you. You’ll enter a large arena where you’ll need to take down two tanks and a Thresher as well as a multitude of Shadow Legion enemies before you can proceed. Afterwards, head towards the door to investigate it. It’ll explode and more Shadow Legion will be the other side for you to destroy.

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Heading into the bigger arena, Holliday alerts you to her location directly above you. She says she can see you but you’ll need to defeat another of the Witness’ forces, a Tormentor that has made itself very present. Luckily, this isn’t too difficult to achieve if you hit its shoulders and chest, much like Nezarec in the Root of Nightmares raid, to weaken it. You can’t kill it straight away though, as it’ll disappear before leaving you to handle yet more Shadow Legion. Shortly after these are dealt with, some Taken blights will begin to spawn alongside a multitude of Taken enemies, as well as the Witness’ Tormentor. Focus on the Tormentor whilst dodging enemy attacks, as the remainder will all disappear once it has been killed for good.

No spoilers, please

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After the Witness’ Tormentor has been killed, you can turn around and jump up on to the balcony to gain access to the room Amanda is in. You’ll need to deploy your Ghost to hack the door, and try to gain entry. After this, a cutscene will play. We’ll not reveal any spoilers, so the remainder of this guide will be deliberately vague but there’s nothing too taxing, and no more combat to deal with.

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After the cutscene, head to the Farm to convene with the Vanguard and make your next plans. You’ll witness a conversation between Mara Sov and her brother, the Crow, before speaking directly with Mara at the center of the Farm. A final message from Devrim Kay on the Holoprojector concludes week four of the We Stand Unbroken quest. For a bonus Triumph progress, make sure to listen to the message between Crow, Caiatl, Mara Sov, and Mithrax on the Farm’s radio. What a week.

Destiny 2: Lightfall is out now for PlayStation, PC, and Xbox.

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