We have 1,000 free Dauntless flares to give away!

Light up the sky

[Update: We went through all 1,000, so Phoenix Labs sent us another 1,000. The giveaway is refreshed, just use the widget below.]

We’re stuck in the awkward position of holding codes for 1,000 exclusive Destructoid flares in Dauntless, and we’re unable to redeem anywhere near that many. Share the wealth, I guess. It’s Memorial Day weekend and Dauntless is insanely popular right now, so let’s get the sky overhead aflame with our mechanical overlord. Domo arigato, Destructoid roboto.

To get a code, just enter your email address in the widget below. It’s first come, first served — so, there’s no use dillydallying. (We’re using Godankey to automate the giveaway. Godankey doesn’t store your email address after it sends your key, nor does it send your information to any third party. Check out the Godankey FAQ for more details.)

Once you have your key, follow these redemption instructions:

1. Download Dauntless on your platform of choice (Epic Games Store, Xbox One or PS4) and create or log in to your Epic Games account.
2. Launch Dauntless and log in for the first time.
3. Visit https://playdauntless.com and click on “Login” in the top right corner
4. Enter your Epic Games account info.
5. On this page https://playdauntless.com/accounts/my-account/ scroll down and enter the code in the “Redeem A Code” section.
6. Log back in to Dauntless and the Flare will be available — it will manifest in the game as a Core you need to crack open.

You’re all set. Now you can make Memorial Day look like the Fourth of July, all while paying tribute to your favorite video game site. (We better be your favorite video game site.) The robot demands your fealty! Declare your allegiance with flare flair flare.

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