We are the Swarm: New Starcraft 2 videos showing the Zerg in action

Last night, we were treated with the new Zerg intro trailer. Today, Blizzard has released a couple of new videos and pictures showing off the Zerg. Both of the new videos show off the Zerg units obliterating the Terrans. No new Zerg classes are shown, but at least we’re seeing the Zerg in a much better quality compared to last night. 

Bilzzard has also updated their Web site with new pictures and concept art of the Hydralisk and Mutalisk units. I’m just waiting for the fourth class to be revealed. Oh you know there just has to be a new fourth class if you played that secret mission in the Brood Wars expansion. 

Hit the jump for the second new Zerg video.  

The Hydralisk attack!

What did you think of the new videos Dtoiders? 

Hamza Aziz