We anime now! Atelier Sophie and Nights of Azure coming to Steam

What exactly is an ‘atelier’?

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Forty percent of all Steam games were released in 2016. That’s over 4,000 more games to complete if you have the delusional goal of playing every game ever like little ole OCD Cory. Sure a lot of those games are just garbage, but it sure is one wild party; a party that Gust has decided it wants to be a part of, finally leaving that PlayStation basement. Gust will for the first time bring games to PC.

Nights of Azure and Atelier Sophie, the four-quadrillionth game in the Atelier series, will get Steamy on February 7, 2017. Hopefully this results in future titles releasing on PC and consoles simultaneously. PC users often clamor about wanting more console-only games ported to Steam. Now it’s their job to support those games and show developers they made a good move.

Atelier Sophie and Nights of Azure coming to PC via Steam on February 7 [Gematsu]

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