WB confirms that a Hogwarts Legacy Biscuit quest fix coming

“We’ve got a fix coming in a later patch”

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Weeks removed from the launch of Hogwarts Legacy, one sidequest is still bugged: Take the Biscuit. While this seems like an innocuous issue on it surface, the sidequest is actually linked to multiple achievements, including the ability to complete the collection (Collector’s Edition). In short, the inability to finish the quest impacts multiple facets of the game. The good news is that a bug fix is coming, according to the development team.

The confirmation of a take the Biscuit quest fix comes from multiple places

Chandler Wood, community manager at Avalanche, noted that a “fix is coming in a later patch.”  The WB Games Support Twitter account has also made note of the Biscuit sidequest problem, and is tracking it throughout the month of February.

Report your issues with the Biscuit quest here

Right now WB is tracking the bug at this landing page here.

The bug investigation includes anecdotal evidence of the bug, as well as screenshots, platforms impacted (right now it’s everything), and videos. Although WB likely has all the info they need, it couldn’t hurt to provide a little more context so the patch can potentially be deployed quicker.

How to prevent the Biscuit quest bug before it happens

The Biscuit quest bug occurs if you open up the lock in the world map poacher camp before you’re actually on that step of the quest. After removing the lock it’ll never respawn for the last step of the Biscuit quest, and Biscuit will remain locked in the cage forever (until a fix comes). To prevent it from happening, do the quest ASAP (it requires level 10) and don’t put it off. Also, avoid this particular camp at all costs.

If you’ve already opened the lock, you’ll need to wait for the fix.

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