Watch the Wii Bunnies Dance

I’m in a happy mood this morning and I feel like torturing you all with some cute videos from the new Rayman 4: Raving Rabbids game. Honestly though, how could you not enjoy watching sweet little bunnies dance… and then suddenly turn kamazai and start attacking things. Rayman 4 has a series of commercials with very informative scientific facts about bunnies and Jottizzy was kind enough to put them all back to back for us in one video, with the added bonus video of Michel Ancel, the game’s creator being beaten by his own bunnies.“Ah, look at the bunnies attacking the foreign guy and his camera man. How cute is that.”Also I found the world cup commercial for the Rayman 4. Gotta love bunnies in soccer gear.“Look how cute the bunnies are. They’re like fuzzy soccer hooligans.”And just to continue your pain, here’s the original E3 trailer for the game.Okay, I know that the kid with the spiking hair is suppose to represent one of the looks for Rayman in the game, but dude, that is still way too freaky to put in a commercial. Don’t they wanna sell this game? Love the Pulp Fiction music though.Check out the official site for the game for more details.