Watch Hyrule spring from the ground ? la the Game of Thrones intro

A Link to Game of Thrones

Millions of fans know the overworld of Game of Thrones due to the map depicted in the intro of each episode. However, to many, this video’s overworld will be instantly recognizable upon first viewing because of decades of classic gaming.

YouTuber Megasteakman created the Light World map from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in the vein of Game of Thrones. This was accomplished in Cinema 4D using the Octane Render engine. Composer Mattia Cupelli added the grand music that completes it.

Watching the camera zoom around is like being in an airplane over familiar territory. “Oh! There’s Hyrule Castle! There’s Link’s house!” And, it goes on and on, because there’s a good chance you already know every square inch of that world.

Brett Makedonski
While you laughing, we're passing, passing away. So y'all go rest y'all souls, 'Cause I know I'ma meet you up at the crossroads. Y'all know y'all forever got love from them Bone Thugs baby...