Watch Bo’ Rai Cho fart on people in MKX

Possibly high-tier, definitely lowbrow

Ugh, I just don’t like Bo’ Rai Cho. I’ve been playing a lot of MKX lately and I’m actually pretty excited for Kombat Pack 2 and the MK XL update. The other characters in the pack look great, reports out of the improved online beta sound amazing, and I’m hoping some of the balance changes will shake things up. But Bo’ Rai Cho? Man, fuck Bo’ Rai Cho. I’m not looking forward to putting up with a bunch of puke and farts with my blood and guts (which I guess is kind of weird when I say it out loud).

The NetherRealm team broke down the fart-king’s moves and different variations in the latest Kombat Kast. Dragon Breath grants him a variety of fire-based attacks (and yes you can light the fart clouds on fire), Drunken Master allows Bo’ to take a nip of his flask mid-match to gain access to different moves (and a charmingly tipsy idle animation), while Bartitsu gives him an annoying-looking stick to beat people with. So, he’s a belligerent fat dude with no manners, drinks too much, and will hit you with his cane. Sounds like why I stopped going to family reunions.

You can watch the entire archived stream here, or check out the highlight clip of him fighting with Smoke below to get a feel for what he’s about. You can catch a sample of his Brutalities and one of his Fatalities in there too. Personally, this clip just made me want to see more of Smoke.

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