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Warzone players want one major thing removed when Black Ops 6 update releases

Leave them behind.

With Black Ops 6 firmly on the horizon, fans of Call of Duty‘s battle royale Warzone are already thinking about what it means for the mode. Many want to see the number of guns slashed, begging Treyarch and Raven to remove MW2 and MW3 guns permanently.

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When Modern Warfare 3 was released, many thought that the guns from the previous year’s game would be removed. This wasn’t the case, however, with guns carrying through from the old gun, and all the guns from the new one added in too.

This meant there was well over 100 guns to choose from, which sounds good in theory, but ends up becoming messy, especially when the old guns are so weak compared to the new ones that there’s no point in using them.

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In a post on the Warzone subreddit, Deranged1337 wrote that they “Can’t think of anything worse than scrolling through 200 guns and 300 attachments, and that’s not even the fact that they [are] all going to get nerfed into the ground.”

This sentiment was echoed by another player, who agreed that “MW2 guns and attachments are already bad [and] no option to filter them, adding third game into Warzone will end up just like Vanguard integration.”

“As much as I love some of the MW2 and MW3 weapons,” wrote silenced_soul, “It’s a hard no. More bloat in this game is bad. Already lags.” Potential-Poetry-542 just feels like they’re “ready for a fresh start” with new weapons and attachments.”

I definitely agree with the players above on a personal level, as I already find the inclusion of MW2 guns alongside MW3 weapons to be too much. Plus, with Black Ops 6 set in the early 90s, it doesn’t make sense for old guns to be alongside modern weapons.

Unfortunately, it looks like all three games will have weapons in Warzone, unless Activision decides to make a significant change. Thankfully, MW2 and MW3 guns won’t be in BO6 though, so that’s something to look forward to if you’re not a fan of bloat.

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