Warriors Orochi 2: Rebirth of the Demon Lord

Most Koei fans will tell you that Warriors Orochi was a pretty awesome game, and with it fusing Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors into one big title, you’d think that was going to be the perfect sendoff for Koei’s last-gen hack n’ slash ventures. Not so, apparently, since Warriors Orochi 2: Rebirth of the Demon Lord has been announced.

The game will include all the new playable characters from Samurai Warriors: XL and, for those of you who can remember about eight million sequels back, DW3‘s Fu Xi and Nu Wa will also be included. In addition to that, new stages, and new modes Dramatic Mode, Survival Mode and Versus Mode will make their way into the game.

The Japanese PS2 release will hit Japan on April 3rd. This will inevitably make its way overseas and I expect to hear about an Xbox 360 release sometime down the line as well. All I can say for now is that I was pretty stupid not expecting Orochi to be the birth of a franchise, rather than a sendoff for anything. In fact, I’m pretty sure this announcement qualifies as self parody on the part of Koei.

Jim Sterling