Warranty woes: Microsoft feels the pain

When Peter Moore announced a new three year warranty for all Xbox 360s affected by the notorious red rings of death, Microsoft was applauded for its up front, honest and somewhat humble approach. While fans rejoiced (somewhat), the head honchos at Microsoft were slightly less pleased with the way things were going. Take for example, Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, who apparently felt the sting of the decision.

“We have to learn from our mistakes. It was painful to announce the write-off that we had to announce, and yet we knew we had to take care of our customers,” Ballmer stated, although in saying “our customers,” I think he meant to say “our public image.” Of course it was painful for Microsoft to bring forth the warranty extension, considering it cost the company millions of dollars, but let’s face it — nobody who’s had to replace as many machines as Brian Crecente will crack out the violins and play softly for the agony of those men in suits. 

[Via DailyTech

Jim Sterling