Wanted: Weapons of Fate producer disses the Wii big time

Tired of hearing people trash talk the Wii? Well, sorry to have to pile on to your woes, but the dissing goes on. This time, it’s from Peter Wanat, who’s worked on titles such as Scarface, Chronicles of Riddick and the upcoming Wanted: Weapons of Fate. Speaking on the Invisible Walls podcast, Wanat says third party developers aren’t really finding success on the Wii and compares the Wii to the “f*cking Sega Genesis” (which is an insult to the Genesis if you ask me).

Other key words from Wanat include talk of “crappy graphics and basic control play”. He also says that the Wii is for “little kids and old people” as well as “hardcore Nintendo fanboys.”Oh boy … can you feel people warming up to destroy this guy?

In all honestly, the entire group on the podcast seems to openly poke a bit of fun at the Wii, which seems to echo the majority opinion of the little console. There are some pretty interesting takes on the current state of third party games for the Wii as well, naturally which gets you thinking about the types of games that the Wii is lacking. Do you feel that the third party situation for the Wii could improve this year?

[Via Kotaku]

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