Want to hear the narrator for Darkest Dungeon say ‘Dankest Dungeon?’

I do, but I’m a child

I’ve been playing a lot of Darkest Dungeon, and it’s been a tense experience. It’s a merciless game about horror, stress, and the frailty of humanity. A great deal of the grim tone is established by the grave intonations of its dour narrator who frequently chimes in to remind you just how bleak everything is. After hearing this sound pack of Twitch notification voice clips, I might not be so intimidated by his schpeel in the future. Turns out he is kind of a goof.

The pack includes quips to mark new followers, subscribers, donations, all the usual streaming mainstays. A few bonus quotes veer into sillier territory. Darkest Dungeon is a streaming and YouTube favorite (probably because deep down we all enjoy watching someone torture themselves for our amusement), so its nice to see Red Hook have some fun with the community.

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