Want that 250GB 360 HD? Sorry, not sold separately

That Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 bundle that got announced late last night looked pretty sweet, to be sure, but even if you aren’t into Call of Duty, you may have pricked up your ears at the mention of that 250GB HDD. What if you wanted it separately, though? Kotaku asked, but it seems like the answer was no:

“This hard drive is not being sold separately,” said Larry Hryb, boss of Xbox Live.

Well, bummer. I haven’t gotten around to filling up the HDD on my360 just yet, but I’m sure many other gamers would really like an option for more space. On the other hand, if it was sold separately, it would likely be pricey, as the 120GB HDD already retails for $150. Would you have wanted to buy the 250GB separately, if it had been made available?

Colette Bennett