Want a portable PS3 screen? Me neither

Hay guys, I have a super idea. I was just thinking, I got this new fangled PlayStation 3 that everyone’s been talking about, and I want to be able to play it wherever I go. It’s not really very portable, and I was thinking what would really be cool is if I had a tiny little portable screen to play my HD games and movies on. Yeah? Are you with me?

Okay, so it’s not as lame as the Wii Party Station, but it seems kind of ironic, doesn’t it? You have Nevover to thank for this fine offering, which measures in at 234 X 480 and comes with a bottle of Excedrin. I’m lying about the Excedrin, but if the team at Nevover survives this launch without being fired, they might want to prepack it in there for future shipments. It gives me a headache just looking at this freaking thing.

Take it from me: I have a small television at the moment, and it kind of ruins the HD experience when you have to peer at your screen like an elderly man through his spectacles. I don’t think the average gamer is going to find this item useful, but if I’m wrong, feel free to tell me in the comments (you will anyway).

[Via Gizmodo — Thanks to Action Bastard for the tip]

Colette Bennett