Wanna hear what Persona PSP sounds like?

Before the baby baby baby babys of Persona 3 and the sexy-hot stripper grooves of Persona 4 came the original and massive score from Persona on the PlayStation, the beginning of this awesome Shin Megami Tensei spin-off. I still list that game’s score as one of my favorites of all time, and I’ve been waiting to hear something from the upcoming PSP remake.

Now, on the official Japanese web page, you can check out twelve new score samples from the man himself, composer Shoji Meguro, who is also directing the game. The samples seem to all have that cool, poppy quality that the last two games had. Sample number 05 has sweet vocal hooks, sort of like Persona 3 did. Number 03 sounds like epic battle or mission music. Music 11 reminds me of something from Nocturne, and that’s not a complaint.

All of these are great, but I personally can’t wait to hear what Megurohe does with my favorite theme from the original game, the crazy “Satoshi Tadashi Pharmacy” song. Hear the original (along with a silly video) after the jump.

I can’t wait until Persona PSP comes out in the US.

[Via Nobuooo]

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