VR gamer girl sim Pixel Ripped comes to Kickstarter

I want to play this game already

I own an Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2, and to this day Pixel Ripped is the only VR game I’m actively excited about seeing released for it. Pixel Ripped is the game that makes me happy I got into the world of VR headsets.

Originally called Pixel Rift and later renamed so it could come to other headsets, Pixel Ripped sees you play though the life of a young woman who loves video games and is perhaps a little too imaginative with her love of them.

In the level I played at E3  last month I was sat in the back of a classroom, trying to play my ‘Game Girl’ under the desk in class. You look up to keep an eye on the teacher and you look down to play a Mega Man style platformer under the desk. Once you beat the level the world around you fades away and a boss battle starts to unfold upon your desk. A dragon reigns down fireballs on your notebook as you climb a pencil case in an attempt to take the beast down.

The game was mechanically solid and made great use of VR, so I was very excited to learn this morning to see that the developer has launched a Kickstarter to fund developing the full game.

If you’re interested in VR gamer girl life sims and the idea of a cool Mega Man style game that plays out in the world around you, go give the Kickstarter a look. The developer is currently seeking £40,000 to develop the game.

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