Viva Pinata Dance Party . . .

While Summa is busy playing with his Wii, I’m here to bring you the serious news, oh yes. Microsoft just mass emailed us 360 gamers to make sure we don’t miss out on the awesomeness seen above. You can join Rare in the Metro-news-sexual Dance Party with 3 of your favorite Viva Pinata characters, each with their own 3 songs to choose from.

Here’s how the awesomeness is handled: every 5 seconds you can press a button. And it does something. And the music is (in my best Borat voice) “Ver-ry Niceh” — it only took 20 seconds of me playing it at 4:00 A.M. for my roomate to get out of bed and pull my speakers out of my computer. Yah, I’m gonna label this one NSFW to spare you some dignity after that water cooler incident last month. Hey, it’s not your fault The Wicked Witch of the Accounting dared you to pour all of the water on her at the Halloween party. It was worth it.

In honor of our Elephant woes and my hatred of Rare’s recent years of gaming and my dwindling hopes for Viva Pinata being their savior:

Elephant is cooler than Rareware

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