Virtual trains paying for real trains; real trains smitten, eager to put out

Hudson Soft, long the champion of neanderthalic brain hemorrhaging, has recently become the kind benefactor for Japan’s Choshu Electric Railway Line.

Their series, Momotaro Dentetsu (roughly translated as Also, Trains), has been such a huge success in the Land of the Rising Sun, that Hudson has decided to apply ads for the game to the sides of real, non-fictional trains in an effort to completely blow the minds of everyone, everywhere.

Looking past the intense Philip K. Dick-iness of this entire plot, Hudson is doing a great service, not only to a troubled rail company, but to the hordes of people living in Japan. In a country where teenagers have bloodthirsty battles just to survive and giant robots often destroy huge swaths of the nation, it’s nice to see companies supporting industries that help stem the tide of the growing pollution problem.

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