Video Game Music Day!

Who says that video games don’t have a great influence on youth today? So far I’ve seen a guy play the Zelda theme on a ukulele and seen a guy play the Final Fantasy X theme on a piano, and reproducing a theme without sheet music is hard. That’s total talent on their part.Now the James Madison University string quartett has figured out how the play the Zelda theme, and its is probably the best one I’ve seen yet. Though the ukulele guy was pretty cool….Okay, so its not the most perfect rendition of the theme but its still pretty cool. I mean they are college students, so they were probably drunk when they figured out how to play the darn thing anyway.Also on my internet travels today, I found footage of Klein Oak High School’s Variety Show, where a group of students performed the music from Halo and Halo 2. SW33T!Now why didn’t people do cool stuff like that when I was in school?