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Very Quick Tips for the Resident Evil 4 remake

Things can get pretty intense

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I’ve had the time of my life finishing the Resident Evil 4 remake. While the efficacy of some of the game’s remake-centric choices are up for debate, the gameplay is fantastic. Straight up, it’s one of the most fun third person action experiences I’ve ever had. While living through all of that chaos I came up with some really quick and easy tips, so let’s dig in.

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Upgrade the knife early

In Resident Evil 4, the knife as you know it has been completely reworked.

Now it can be used to parry attacks (including chainsaw strikes!), stealth kill enemies, and take down foes when they’re reeling on the ground. Oh, and you can slash it around like normal too.

All of the above actions shave some durability off your knife, so having it in tip top shape is ideal. Upgrade your knife durability with The Merchant, then think about raising its attack damage too. Anything you can do to get an…edge…will help, especially given how relentless some of the game’s enemy types are. You’ll want to conserve all the ammo you can.

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Use your melee attack often

In the same vein as knife use, Leon once again sports a strong melee game. The thing about melee is that there is no downside to it. It’s not linked to any meter or durability rating, and it’ll save you precious ammo.

You can trigger a melee attack in a variety of ways:

  • By using a flash grenade (or triggering an explosion that staggers the enemy)
  • Parrying an attack can trigger a melee prompt
  • By shooting enemies in the leg, forcing them to lean over and reel
  • By shooting enemies in the head

Another tip: you can often “line up” melee hits to strike multiple enemies. If another foe is shambling toward you, let them get in position before you hit the melee prompt on the target enemy (just don’t wait too long, as they’ll snap out of the stagger state).

The pistol is a perfect way to trigger the staggering state, especially given how plentiful its ammo reserves are throughout your first run. And oh yeah, you can still suplex people.

Don’t forget that you can still use the “stealth kill” when approaching enemies from behind; as they’re distracted by something else. It’ll eat up some knife meter, but it’s a great strategy to pivot to in tandem with your melee capabilities.

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If Ashley is in danger, the best solution is often to just book it

Once again you’ll need to travel with Ashley throughout a portion of the game, but things are a bit different this time. Ashley is a little more responsive in the remake than she was in the original. As long as you’re commanding her to “stay close” (the formation is pictured in the image directly above), she’ll attempt to run after you, no matter how many enemies are chasing you.

If a large amount of enemies are congregating and you feel overwhelmed; run to a safe zone (or out of the area entirely if it’s not a locked arena situation). Ashley will follow most of the time and will avoid capture. Alternatively you can stay and fight the mob, which could thin your resources and ammo considerably.

Don’t forget grenades and heavy grenades take up different slots

This is a really small tip, but once you get roughly halfway into the game, you’ll get access to heavy grenades, which are basically just beefed-up grenades.

These items appear with slightly bigger icons in your attaché case, and are completely separate items. Keep this in mind when assigning shortcuts, so you don’t accidentally select the wrong type during a heated fight.

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Don’t be afraid to sell treasures when Merchant discounts are happening

In case you missed it, the Resident Evil 4 remake has a completely new treasure and gem system. We have a full breakdown of it here.

I know many folks are going to want to hold on to their gems to create that perfect socketing opportunity, but it isn’t necessary, especially if you’re struggling in your current file. Fully socketing treasures with just a few gemstones can still yield big returns, so feel free to sell those to upgrade your arsenal.

This can be extremely advantageous when The Merchant has a “sale” going on, which can provide huge discounts on weapons and items only during that chapter. Often times I’d de-socket an item just to re-socket it into a smaller treasure, sell it, then buy said discounted gun.

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If you’re struggling, you can spam the shooting gallery to your heart’s content

Once you gain access to the shooting gallery via The Merchant’s various abodes, you can play it indefinitely and for free (no ammo is consumed from your person).

Winning big and scoring higher ranks in the gallery challenges will net you tokens: which you can use to turn in at the gacha machine near the elevator inside of the gallery. That machine will dole out prizes in the form of charms, which can grant various bonuses (like selling healing items at full price back to The Merchant).

Spamming the shooting gallery is a great option for practicing your aim, and netting free prizes in the process (which could bolster your playstyle, depending on the charms you receive).

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