Vermintide is getting a free Last Stand mode

By the end of February

Recent talk about multiple upcoming Games Workshop projects reminds me that I missed Fatshark’s Left 4 Dead-ish take on the property, End Times – Vermintide, and need to remedy the situation before long. Some good news on that front: it’s getting a survival mode called Last Stand. And it’s free! Mostly.

Players will get the mode and a level that takes place in Ubersreik for free, but there will also be another level, set in the woods of Schluesselschloss, offered as paid DLC. If you talk a friend into buying it, they can invite you into a match like it’s no big deal. Go on and take a free ride.

There’s also a fun challenge to come up with a catchy nickname for “Schluesselschloss.” I’m sure you have some ideas. If your name is good — we’re talking top 100, here — then you’ll get the DLC for free.

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