Vampire Survivors hits v1.0 in October

Vampire Survivors

More surprises for the survivors are in store

Vampire Survivors is gearing up for its v1.0 launch. Developer poncle has announced that v1.0 will go live on October 20, 2022.

This will mark the completion of the main content for Vampire Survivors, according to the developer update. And it sounds like there are some unforeseen changes in store. Since the official roadmap ended with 0.11.3, everything added in v1.0 is a surprise. Poncle says it should “hopefully offer a little something for everyone”.

Official language support is getting updated, with a bevy of languages getting official support. Custom patches will still work, and poncle will be keeping the names of fan localization creators in the credits as thanks.

New achievements will be added, and some existing achievements will see their unlock conditions altered. Your unlocks will stay if you already have them though, and save data will be left intact. Vampire Survivors will keep on running on Electron for v1.0, too.

The night goes on

Of course, this doesn’t mean the end of Vampire Survivors, either. A port to a new engine is still on the way, planned for release by the end of the year. Save data will carry over there too. The goal of the engine is to have the same game, but with increased performance and compatibility for more machines.

And there’s even more on the way, as the developer poncle has continued to grow and evolveVampire Survivors will continue to see support after v1.0, and while the game may reach a content-complete status, poncle says there are still more surprises in the works.

I’m happy just to see this team get so much support and build up this game so much. Vampire Survivors was a surprise highlight at the start of the year, and though other horde survival games have popped up with their own twists, Vampire Survivors has stayed strong through it all. October looks to be a good month for slaying even more bats and monsters.

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