Vampire Rain: Altered Species trailer is scary for all the wrong reasons

When it comes to horror, there’s a school of thought that suggests the less you see of what is intended to frighten the viewer, the more terrifying it is. This trailer for the PS3 port of last year’s 360 abomination, Vampire Rain (subtitled Altered Species for the new release) has really taken this idea to heart. Notice the utter lack of anything that resembles footage from the game, as we’re treated to a scene of a guy running from a “vampire” more laughable than a LARP full of people who actually think they are vampires.

If I were an executive at AQ Interactive, and I saw this video to promote our product, I would be in the midst of an ethical quandry: On one hand, I would want to fire the person responsible for producing such a terrible ad. On the other, the guy probably deserves a promotion for making Vampire Rain look better by comparison.

Conrad Zimmerman