Valve to eventually allow ‘unapproved’ updates on Steam

Valve’s push toward giving consumers a more direct say in the matter of which games appear on Steam with its upcoming Greenlight initiative is certainly intriguing. Will it work? If anyone is adaptable enough to make it happen, it’s likely Valve. And, either way, I like that this option is being explored.

According to PC Gamer, the company also plans to let developers push updates without seeking approval first, expediting the process even further. Valve’s Anna Sweet says that, because of those little pop-ups that show what your friends are playing, updates are one of the best marketing tools for game makers.

If you’re worried that this will result in broken games, well, that’s always a concern. Presumably, though, this method will also allow developers to quickly make any necessary fixes, should it come to that. August is going to be one hell of an interesting month as Greenlight rolls out.

How Steam is about to change its role [PC Gamer]

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