Valve announces it’s fulfilling Steam Deck orders faster than expected

Steam Deck shipping date delay

Reservation windows are moving on up

Valve has a new update on Steam Deck production, and it’s some good news. The company announced today that it’s fulfilling demand sooner than estimated, and so it’s bumping up reservation spots for those in the queue.

The supply chain shortfalls that initially affected Steam Deck production have been gradually clearing up, and Valve says it is continuing to ramp up its output. According to Valve, the company is able to produce Decks faster than ever before.

Everyone who is currently in the reservation queue will get their Steam Deck email this year. And many customers who were previously in the Q4 or later window have been bumped up to Q3. That window ranges from July to September. Everyone else will fall in the Q4, or October to December, range.

Right now, any new observations will be put in the Q4 bucket. If those fill up, reservations will continue to spill over into the following quarter. Those who have a Deck locked in can check their reservation window on the site.

Much more on Deck

With more of the Steam Decks rolling off the line, this is good news for those still waiting on their portable PC. The company had previously said it was looking to up its production and distribution, and it looks like those efforts bore out well.

The official Steam Deck dock is a bit of a different story, as the official hardware was indefinitely delayed a few months ago. For those getting their Steam Decks in, third-party seems like it will be the way to go for a while. I wound up grabbing a powered hub online, and it’s been working pretty well while I wait for the real deal to be available.

Also, for those getting a Steam Deck in, be sure to be careful with any hardware mods.

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