Valve says no Left 4 Dead on PS3: Quashes rumor of EA port

A few days ago, we commented on a story coming from Official PlayStation Magazine that claimed Valve was using Electronic Arts to port Left 4 Dead to the PS3. This turned out to be mere speculation, however, and Valve’s Doug Lombardi has stepped up to topple down the hopes and dreams of zombie loving PlayStation fans by denying that a Left 4 Dead PS3 version is in the works.

“There is no PS3 version of Left 4 Dead currently in production,” was Lombardi’s comment on the rumor. Sometimes I think rumor-mongers make stuff up and just hope some of their ideas stick. Hmm … now that’s an idea …

Anyway, just because Valve says one isn’t currently in production, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen eventually. EA was kind enough to port The Orange Box to the PS3, so it’s not like a precedent doesn’t exist. Blu-ray lovers, however, will have to wait and see if first person zombie genocide is indeed a part of their future.

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