Valve says no cake for you: Portal:Still Alive not coming to PSN

Sorry, Portal fans. It’s likely you’re too busy snuggling your plush companion cube to notice, but Valve has squelched the rumors that their upcoming title Portal:Still Alive will be coming to PSN in a recent CVG interview:

“I’d call that today’s rumor,” a Valve spokesperson told CVG when quizzed on the subject. Today’s rumour, but tomorrow’s news, we said. “You’re smart to ask. But no,” Valve told us.

If we’re to believe what we are told then, Portal: Still Alive is truly an Xbox 360 exclusive. Considering that the game is merely a solo reissue of the original with some new levels that don’t affect the story in any way, this would hardly break my heart if I only owned a 360, but you know the enthusiasts — they have to have EVERYTHING. I’d scoff, but then again, I’m wearing Final Fantasy pajamas, so I may as well titter at my bathroom mirror.

[Thanks, Joe]

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