Updated info and images of Mad Catz Rock Band 2 drum cymbals

Early today, we brought you word of GameStop’s online listing for Mad Catz’s upcoming cymbal expansion for the new Rock Band 2 wireless drum kit. At the time all we had was a tiny picture and a price point ($29.99) for a two-pack cymbals.

Now we have higher resolution images, direct from Mad Catz, and a bit more information on the product. Cymbals will be available in three packages — in addition to the double pack (listed at GameStop), you’ll be able to pick up a single cymbal for $19.99 and a triple pack for $39.99. All packs come with the necessary mounts and cables, and it seems the more cymbals you dedicate to up front, the better deal you’ll be getting. 

The cymbals will be available at most big retailers, including GameStop, who is currently listing the peripherals for a September 22 release. We hope to have some hands-on impressions and details of the cymbals, along with other Rock Band peripherals in the Mad Catz line soon. 

Nick Chester