(Update) The original pair of Mega Man Legacy Collections might be one release on Switch


[Update: Capcom confirmed that they will be bundled on Switch at retail and will arrive on May 22. The first collection will be a Switch cart and the second is a digital download code for $39.99. Digitally they’ll run you $14.99 for the first and $19.99 for the second.]

Just last week we learned that the Mega Man X Collection might end up being split into two releases. That’s not a huge surprise given that the original Legacy duo was divided up to make room for Mega Man 1-10 across two games, but there might be a silver lining to all this for Switch owners.

Based on an ESRB classification, both Legacy Collections could be one release as it’s listed as one SKU. The ESRB further supports this claim by stating that “This is a collection of ten games from the Mega Man universe. Players control Mega Man as he jumps and shoots his way through whimsical levels.”

As long as the price is right and this page is correct that’s good news! There’s so many classic games in those collections, and not just classic in the retro sense, but plain old fashioned great platformers.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 & 2 [ESRB]

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