(Update) The next Panzer Dragoon Remake update basically overhauls the entire game

60FPS, gyro controls and a lot more

[Update: Version 1.3 is now live everywhere but Japan (where it is awaiting further evaluation from Nintendo)! You can find the full patch notes here, and suffice to say it includes a lot of the items mentioned below.]

The Panzer Dragoon Remake recently got a remixed soundtrack by way of a free update, but there is much more work to be done.

As we noted in our review, many elements of the remake feel half-baked, especially for the Switch platform as a whole. A gigantic new patch is going to address a few of those problems head-on. Thanks to a rundown from Panzer Dragoon World, who got to speak to Panzer Dragoon Remake co-producer Benjamin Anseaume, we know exactly what those changes are going to be.

The network reports that HD rumble is being added to the Switch version (nice), alongside of gyro controls. Those are the big Switch-specific bonuses. The remake as a whole is also getting a 60FPS option (thank goodness), as well as reduced input and rotation lag, “reworked” sound effects, more control options (fire/lock-on), the chance to access the options menu from the in-game pause screen (which should have been in from the start), a reworked dragon animation and an auto-lock option. From a content perspective, we’re also getting an “Episode 0,” a new game mode and cheat codes. Allegedly all of this will be in a “version 1.3” update, which has no current release window due to the global pandemic.

That’s huge! By the time the PC and Stadia editions roll around, these updates will likely be intact, and those versions will greatly benefit from a stronger debut.

Panzer Dragoon World [Twitter]

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