(Update) The next Inside Xbox Direct-like stream will finally give us Xbox Series X gameplay

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla confirmed to make an appearance

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[Update: Microsoft is calling this Inside Xbox episode part of the “Xbox 20/20” initiative, which will keep people up to date with information “throughout the rest of the year in the lead up to the launch of the Xbox Series X.”

The publishing giant says that the global pandemic has caused them to “rethink the way we come together,” which will result in updates “every month.” In addition to the confirmed Xbox Series X gameplay, we’ll also get info on specific Series X features from developers, Smart Delivery title confirmation and games that are “all Xbox Series X optimized.”

Additionally, Halo Infinite is still on track for this year despite the pandemic, “all 15 studios” are still working, Project xCloud is expanding to new countries and devices and as of this week, the Series X is still coming this holiday.]

Man, I have to get used to using the “Xbox Series X” tag and not “Xbox One” all the time!

A new generation is nearly upon us, but before then, we still need firm dates and prices for the Xbox Series X (I did it) and the PlayStation 5. Sony and Microsoft have been playing chicken for months now, but Microsoft is now ready to strike with some gameplay that isn’t behind closed doors.

Rather, the next Inside Xbox stream (which is very much like a Nintendo Direct) on May 7 at 8AM PT will debut public-facing gameplay for Xbox Series X games. Microsoft calls it the “first look” of next-gen gameplay, featuring their global development partners; one of which is Ubisoft, who will be showing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on the system. Cyberpunk 2077 has to make an appearance too, right?

As Xbox Games Marketing boss Aaron Greenberg put it, there will be more “big summer plans” to follow, which have all-but-replaced E3 this year. All of this will be streamed on YouTube on this page. We’ll be there!

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