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Publisher Humble Games has released an electrifying trailer for its dystopian sci-fi RPG Unsighted, which launches next week on PC and console platforms. The new preview offers an overview of the indie adventure’s explosive action.

In the futuristic, cyberized world of Arcadia, automatons have achieved full sentience thanks to an element known as “Anima”, which allows the androids to lead rich, full lives. But catastrophe strikes when Anima is suddenly forced into short supply, resulting in many automatons returning to the violent, drone-like designs – “The Unsighted”. As Alma, it is up to the player to traverse the hazardous world, battle violent gangs and bosses, and uncover the truth behind Anima’s disappearance, while also preventing her friends and allies from being lost to her forever. Ay, but there’s the rub…

As an automaton herself, Alma also requires Anima to complete her mission, and with so little of it available, she may be forced to make some tough decisions involving the rationing, hoarding, and even theft of the vital element. With the clock constantly ticking, time will be an important factor in Unsighted. Squander precious minutes, and friends, allies, and critical NPCs might fast become mindless machines. Alma’s choices, speed, and efficiency will decide not only her fate, but that of perhaps the entire automaton race in numerous branched endings. Tick tock, tick tock…

Unsighted has a very intriguing premise, and beyond the trailer, a recent demo was positively received. In a month where the smaller titles are proving to be the biggest of hits, Unsighted could be the next low-fi release ready to take the gaming community by storm. We’ll find out soon enough when Unsighted launches, September 30, on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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