Unlike Nintendo hardware the PlayStation Classic isn’t stupidly hard to get: you can pre-order it now

Here’s a short list

Banking on nostalgia is not a new concept. Every platform holder has been peddling their retro wares for years in new and “exciting” formats, usually in non-backward compatible form, ensuring that you need to buy five versions of the same game to play it everywhere. Enter the PlayStation Classic.

It’s the same shtick as the NES and SNES mini lot from Nintendo, but this time it’s PSX games. It’ll run you $100 for 20 titles and two PlayStation remotes (sans analog sticks, these are old school). Five have already been revealed (Wild Arms, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, Jumping Flash, and Final Fantasy VII) with more on the way ahead of its December 3 release.

And unlike pretty much every piece of Nintendo hardware ever, it’s super easy to pre-order at the moment. Best Buy, Amazon UK, and GameStop have their pages live right now and other retailers are expected to follow suit.

This is insane right? You want something, a manufacturer creates enough of the product to meet the initial demand, retailers put it up for sale the very day they announced it instead of on some mystery date in the future, and you buy it without it selling out in minutes (pre-orders have been up since this morning). What is this dream world we’re living in?

Chris Carter
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