Unleash the Fury, then put it away again: Fury MMO says bye bye

It’s news like this which makes me afraid of getting too attached to an online game (that and all the extra spending which could be used to buy me a some candy or a smart duck of some sort). Another MMO closes its virtual doors as Fury has officially terminated its server and Web site like an atheist mother.

The folks behind Fury were facing a deadline to find a solution that might keep their servers up, but unfortunately no such solution was found. A month ago, stores were instructed to remove all copies of the game from shelves, and anybody who happened to buy Fury in the past few weeks will have their money refunded. 

Just goes to show — if it ain’t World of Warcraft, don’t take out any long-term subscriptions. It’s a cutthroat, dangerous, dragon-eat-wyvern world out there in MMO land.

[Thanks, Lark]

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