Underworld dude talks Mirkwood in latest LOTRO trailer

There are a lot of things in Lord of the Rings that I straight don’t understand. I don’t get why Hobbits have werewolf feet or why the Nazgul forewent vision for mutant sniffing abilities. I’m sure it’s listed in some Tolkien tome, but I’m not really that interested in seeking reasons behind this stuff.

I added something new to this growing list in the afternoon after catching developer Turbine’s second narrated trailer for the “Siege of Mirkwood” LOTRO expansion. It features some creepy underworld dude with a wicked helmet, talking about stuff related to the fiction. It’s got that great epic, fantasy feel, but I’m in the dark about the material the dude is referring to. He may as well be speaking elvish or goblin or whatever.

Regardless, Mirkwood hits December 1st. Look out for it and feel free to decipher this thing for me.

Brad BradNicholson