Ultra Street Fighter IV patch now live on PS4

Input lag remains a problem, though

Ultra Street Fighter IV has experienced a turbulent launch on PlayStation 4, but Sony has issued a patch fixing many of the issues that players have been experiencing over the past week.

The update addresses the menu lag, amongst a number of other problems like Guile and Juri’s disappearing projectiles. That isn’t to say all the game’s troubles have been remedied, however.

Input lag remains an issue. So this figures to be the first of many patches.

A number of upcoming fighting game tournaments (such as EVO 2015) intended on using the PS4 port for their competitions, but the messy launch has thrown a spanner in the works. Last week, EVO co-founder Joey Cuellar announced the Xbox 360 version would now be used at the event.

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Version 1.02 notes:

  • Reduce interface lag within menus
  • Addressed disappearing projectiles
  • Fixed Decapre’s teleport animation
  • Fixed Rolento’s audio glitch (during victory screen)
  • Fixed missing SFX for Red Focus attack
  • Fixed Akuma’s stomp SFX not playing
  • Addressed bottom portion of the ON/OFF text being cutoff under the graphics settings in the Options menu
  • Removed extra character ¦ that was sometimes displayed in Leaderboards at the end of a player’s name even if they have not set it to be there
  • Fixed issue when seeking an Arcade match-up with LAN cabled disconnected and then starting up training results in a message ID being displayed
  • Addressed Online IDs not appearing correctly
  • Addresses issue when changing the HP bar’s HUD position in Options, the Online ID HUD position does not move with it and is displayed at the default position
  • Anisotropic Filtering (AF) changes to decrease blur
  • Fixed appearance of white box after backing out of a command list menu
  • Addressed Fight Request issue in Arcade Mode
Kyle MacGregor Burleson