Ultimate PS3 setup is … wow, that’s really um … geez, are you serious?

I thought I’d seen some pretty pimp setups until we caught a glimpse of this guy’s place. Featuring 35 amplifiers, 37 speakers, and a wealth of sources and processing devices, the room you see here looks more like a meeting of the Magi in Evangelion than it does a home theater. That dog looks pretty comfortable, though.

Youd think that a guy with enough money to put something like this together (not to mention money enough to own a standalone Blu-ray player in addition to his PS3,) would have shelled out a few extra bucks in order to supplement this haven of sensory delight with more than one gaming console. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t love to hang out in there long enough to play through a good RPG, (if such a thing existed on the PS3) but as I always say about gaming rigs: lack of Dreamcast = instant fail. 

Check out some more photos in the gallery below.

Topher Cantler