UK stores aren’t getting copies of Resistance 2: Fail distributor is fail

A range of retail outlets across the United Kingdom are having to make do without one of the PlayStation 3’s biggest exclusives thanks to distributor Entertainment UK’s failure to meet demand in time for Christmas.

Branches of Zavvi, WHSmith and have all been left tapping their toes, waiting for copies of Resistance 2 which launched on Friday, November 28. The only thing that one Zavvi staff member could say about the situation was: “We seem to be having supply problems at the moment.”

Yeah, no sh*t, mate.

If you’re in the UK and still need a copy, rest assured that stores not supplied by EUK have been able to get their copies in without a hitch. Stores like GAME and HMV are fully stocked, although why you’d want to shop at GAME is beyond my comprehension.

This is a dramatic case of fail on the part of EUK. If you can’t meet holiday demand for one of the PS3’s biggest and most important new releases, then you should perhaps rethink your position in the entertainment industry.

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