UK store using fighting games to sell clothes

I used to live in the United Kingdom, and in all my years as a British resident, not once was I considered posh enough to go into a Harvey Nichols. The clothes store is quite upper class and full of designer nonsense, but at least the firm’s marketing department has a sense of humor, ripping off Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat to promote its latest sale.

A collection of images which parody fighting games have been created for Harvey Nicks’ big sale, and they look … well … kind of disturbing, actually. You’d think sexy fighter ladies would be somewhat enticing, but they just creep me out. That’s even before you consider that these girls are selling designer clothes, which means they are naturally emaciated, starvling skeletor women. Not sexy at all. 

That said, it’s a fun collection of images. I’m still not posh enough to enter the store though.

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