UK mobile game spending broke records on Black Friday

Candy Cash

Last week, lockdown legislation and Black Friday’s hypnotic “I must spend money” vibe combined to take their toll on the wallets of UK mobile owners. Mobile game spending reached a record high, with almost £5 million GBP, (approx. $6.5 million USD), raked in by a selection of titles on November 27.

As reported by – and confirmed by the number-crunchers over at Sensor Tower – the UK spent the staggering seven-figure sum on popular titles including Roblox, King’s Candy Crush, and Moon Active’s ironically titled Coin Master, (the latter of which is the UK’s highest-grossing mobile title). In addition, 2.2 million games were newly downloaded onto iOS and Android devices.

The spending spree represents an increase of 16% on Black Friday 2019, with the UK’s current lockdown legislation keeping many in their homes and away from the workplace. Notably, sales of physical games were actually down when compared to the same time period last year, no doubt due to the current shutdown status of the UK high street.

But with multi-millions raised by a single territory in a single day, it’s no wonder why developers and publishers continue to clamber atop of one another while grasping for a piece of the mobile gaming pie.

UK mobile game spending reaches new record on Black Friday []

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