UDON letting fans submit art for Mega Man Tribute book

I tried to draw Mega Man recently. He looked like a fat, blue baby with a cast on. Wait, he always looks like a fat blue baby with a cast on. 

Maybe you can do better than I did. Maybe you can make it into UDON’s upcoming Mega Man Tribute book with your art. Here’s what they’re looking for: 

Give us your best artwork featuring the cast of Mega Man, Mega Man X, Mega Man Zero, Mega Man ZX, and Mega Man Legends. All styles are welcome – anime, western comic style, cartoon, pixel-based, sculptures – whatever you can come up with as your tribute to the blue bomber!

Do your thing, submit it, and if it gets picked, it’ll be in the book. They’ll show off the winning art at next year’s San Diego Comic-Con. 

Submissions are due on Jan 31, 2011. There’s some rules and specs you should know before you get started.

There are a ton of very talented artists within the Destructoid community. I’d love to see some Dtoiders in this book! Let’s do this: I’ll take any Dtoider that gets into the book out to dinner and dessert at SDCC 2011. It’s not as grand as UDON’s offering, but it’s free dinner. Someone do this. Win this!

Dale North