Ubisoft’s sex game for kids ‘absolutely’ not coming to US

Ubisoft has promised that We Dare — the raunchy party game for twelve-year-olds — absolutely will not make it to the United States. In most cases, statements like that are considered bad news. In the case of We Dare, I think it’s the best news we’ll ever hear.

Ubisoft seems ashamed of the game. It’s region-locked the creepy commercial and is refusing to talk to press about it. All it’s said is that the game won’t be coming to the US, leaving us to speculate that it has been considered too raunchy for the puritans of America. 

Makes one wonder why Ubisoft would deign to publish the damn game if it’s going to be this embarrassed by it. If you make immature sex games, at least be adult enough to stand by it.

Ubisoft’s We Dare Too Sexy for United States [IGN]

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