Ubisoft shifts Driver: San Francisco for September

Driver: San Francisco keeps getting pushed back. It was first pushed back to a spring 2011 launch, but a new release schedule from Ubisoft for Europe says that we’ll see it this September. Surely North America is on the same schedule. I’m sure they’re busy working on a E3 demo right now.

The same release schedule gives some new dates for other products, says Eurogamer. Child of Eden for the PS3 is set for the second quarter of 2011, which means soon. The Xbox 360 version is set for June 17th. Splinter Cell HD will come before the end of June.

Summer is when you’ll see Call of Juarez: The Cartel. Later this year or early next expect to see 3DS games Driver Renegade, James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes and Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

Dale North