Ubisoft has a death wish: Puts Endwar up against Gears and Resistance sequels

Here’s a protip for anybody in the games industry: Releasing a title on the same day that Gears of War 2 and Resistance 2 are due to launch is probably not a clever idea.

Nevertheless, Ubisoft seems to have either made a miscalculation or is supremely confident by announcing that Tom Clancy’s Endwar will hit European shelves on November 7 — directly competing with Gears and more than likely Resistance, which will probably hit on the same day too.

For those who may have forgotten, Endwar is an RTS which is controlled by a voice-recognition system. A “VIP” demo is available for those who pre-ordered the Xbox 360 version of the game from Gamestation, which will hit next month. 

One can’t help but feel that Ubisoft would rather avoid releasing this game on a day where it will more than likely be completely overshadowed by two huge console exclusives. This is definitely one release date that I will expect to see change before November rolls around.

James Stephanie Sterling