XDefiant won't use skill-based matchmaking for casual game modes
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(Update) Ubisoft considers extending XDefiant beta due to technical issues

Server and progression issues are to blame

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[Update: A new tweet from the official XDefiant Twitter account suggests that the beta will be closing as planned on April 23 at 23:00 PT and April 24 at 02:00 ET.]

XDefiant is in the middle of its first closed beta test, but there’s trouble in paradise for the potential Call of Duty competitor. Ubisoft San Francisco developers recently hinted at a possible extension for the closed beta due to many ongoing problems.

How to get an XDefiant closed beta code
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XDefiant closed beta extension, teased

Problems during the XDefiant closed beta test first popped up a few days after it went live on April 13. Notably, players weren’t able to advance past a certain point in the progression system and unlock any items. Additionally, loadouts that should allow players to save their favorite equipment didn’t function properly. Ubisoft San Francisco has since pushed updates to address the problems, but patches took days to hit all platforms.

These issues are on top of unsteady servers that continue to hinder players’ enjoyment of the game. These range from difficulty finding games online to even connecting to the servers in the first place. Even after a full server configuration replacement, players still struggle to play matches in this online-only game.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for the game’s executive producer, Mark Rubin, to address the situation on Twitter. Rubin not only noted when the issues would hopefully be fixed, but also teased the possibility of a closed beta extension.

Fortunately for Rubin’s Team, players have still praised the game despite the problems stemming from the beta.

“I’ve been absolutely floored by the reception so far even with all of the issues that we’ve had,” Rubin said in a twitter thread on April 17. “We wanted to make this game out of our love for gaming and we can’t be successful without you, the players.”

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The closed beta is full of technical problems

If these issues continue for the remaining days of the closed beta, an extension could be in the cards. Hopefully, fixes arrive soon so all beta testers can get a feel for how this Call of Duty alternative plays.

The XDefiant closed beta will run until April 23. It is playable on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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