Ubisoft brings role-playing party game to virtual reality with Werewolves Within

I bet it is the guy with the fleas

Now you don’t even need to have your friends over to play role playing board games — pending they have a virtual reality headset — thanks to Werewolves Within, a new ‘who done it’ multiplayer experience for up to eight players from Ubisoft.

Players assume the role of villagers in a medieval village where they must deduce which one of them is secretly a werewolf that has been terrorizing the town. Players are randomly granted abilities at the start of each game that helps them with their goal.

While many may scoff at the idea of this, I welcome these kinds of games with open arms as someone whose friends have mostly moved away. It has been a long time since I’ve been able to do a bit a bit of the tabletop RPG gaming, and this sounds like a perfect solution to reconnect with the people I used to game alongside. I love these type of social interaction games as they demand that players lie and pretend in such a fashion that video games rarely do, if ever. 

Werewolves Within will be available on major VR platforms in Fall 2016.


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