Ubisoft announces less focus on FPS, alternative gamers rejoice

In a recent interview with Gamepro, Ubisoft game designer Phil Therien announced that Ubi’s focus on hardcore FPS titles would soon soften, saying that the genre no longer makes enough money to be a “viable business practice.” I feel like every time I turn around, ten of my friends are enjoying a game of Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4, so what gives?

Therien went on the comment that the market for shooters had become “too narrow”, and that compromises had to be made in order to appeal to all consumers in the gaming market. His bottom line, as stated in the interview:

“Keep in mind however that we want our games to be accessible to as many people as possible, otherwise we just couldn’t keep making games.”

The funny thing here is, I feel as if FPS is the genre that most non-gamers would be open to (at least, as far as young men are concerned.) While the meat of Ubi’s concern is obviously financial, I can’t help but think the FPS genre has suffered since the superstar ascent of Halo has saturated the  market with other titles trying to seek out similar claims to fame. What’s your take: good move on Ubi’s part, or glaring error?

[Via Aussie-Nintendo — thanks, Jonathan] 

Colette Bennett