Uber is giving Sonic Boom Rides at New York Comic-Con

Gotta go fast!

I hate missing New York Comic-Con. This is only the second one I’ve missed. I’m missing out on the Sonic Boom Rides in New York, provided by Sega, Chevrolet, and Uber. Imagine jetting around New York in a Sonic-themed ride? I’d take the longest, slowest ride ever, screaming Sonic quotes out the window the whole time. I’d yell, “Speed’s my game!” and “Sanic panic!” at innocent bystanders. It would have been amazing. I’d open a bag of Funyuns and throw them at people.

Nine different cars will be available for Uber rides from October 3 through 7 in NYC, each wrapped up in different partnership imagery. Please take pictures if you get into the Sonic one! This is the ultimate itasha, right?

In related news, this partnership has some pretty sweet prizes available to Comic-Con attendees. Those that ride are eligible to win t-shirts and more, with the grand prize being a 3-Day pass to NYCC. 

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