Type-0 director wants to continue ‘Type’ series for Final Fantasy spin-offs

Type-1, Type-2, Type-3, Type-4, Type-5, Type-6, Type-7, Type-8, Type-9, Type-10, Type-10-2, etc

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (and upcoming Final Fantasy XV) director Hajime Tabata, speaking to the Square Enix Europe blog, has said that he would, “like to make more Type games and make them into a Final Fantasy series.

“We’ve registered trademarks for it, we’ve gone that far so we want to continue it,” Tabata said. “I’d like to make the Type series the kind of series where we can do the kind of stuff that we really can’t do in the mainline numbered series, so make it a really alternative kind of Final Fantasy.”

The other option, of course, is just, like, new games. New IP. But, hey, take advantage of that name recognition. 

Tabata also explained that the team considered doing an “International” edition, “but because the original game hadn’t been released yet, we thought it would be more important to release it as early as possible rather than worry about what extra features we can add in and how to make it an ‘International Version.'” Because of the same time restraints, Type-0 won’t have a demo, though it will have some new, secret costumes.

Paris Games Week Type-0 HD Interview with Hajime Tabata [Square Enix Europe]

Steven Hansen